Annual Sports And Co-Curricular Activities

No healthy body means no healthy mind. To ensure all round development of each and every soul, cultural performances play as if fresh air to lung. Education the valuable stone but the illumination is culture. Beyond bookish knowledge to observe national holidays with proper view and to unveil the students’ talent with great life force would constitute a unique assemblage in the midst of diversified tastes and trends, unity in diversity.
Reading makes a full man, conference a ready man, writing an exact man – the maxim of Francis Bacon is aptly applicable in the discipline of Law. Our college extends its caring hands in and out of the classroom existence to debate in seminar or contemporary baffling social issues along with gem like guest lectures to relate themselves with the personalities. To kindle the spark dormant in each student’s bosom through writing and communication skill and penetrating the relevant issues is our first and fore most commitment. Our experienced and dedicated teaching faculty can easily transmit and transport them to the acme of achievement and accomplishment through tutorial study, personal interaction and proper monitoring system. The system, needless to say, encourages the students to overcome their academic as well as non-academic problems and bring back to the main stream of life and spirit.

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